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Do I have to fill out an application to be eligible for a scholarship?
Yes. Please note, you must be admitted to Shippensburg University to fill out an application. If you have a renewable scholarship, but want to pursue additional funding for upper division scholarships, you will need to apply to be eligible for the additional scholarships.
Do I have to fill out a FASFA?
It is highly recommended that you fill out a FASFA - some scholarships require that a FASFA be submitted as part of the criteria. Filling out the FASFA increases your opportunity to qualify for as many scholarships as possible.
How will I know if I qualify for a scholarship?
Please explore the individual scholarships to see for what scholarships you may qualify.
What if I completed my application but need to go back and change an answer?
Please review your answers carefully and make sure you have filled out the application completely before submitting your application. Once you have submitted the application, it is considered closed. If you have to change an answer or need to upload additional letters of recommendation, please email to briefly unlock your application.
How will I know if I’ve been selected for a scholarship?
You will be notified by email if you have been selected. If you have been admitted but have not confirmed you are coming to Shippensburg, the notification will go to your personal email. If you have confirmed or are a current student at Ship, your award notification will go to your Ship email address.
I met the minimum criteria, why was I not awarded a scholarship?
While many students meet the minimum criteria, the scholarship process is highly competitive.
I am changing my major, does that mean I could lose my scholarship?
Please review your scholarship criteria thoroughly as some scholarships are based on your major or which college your major is under.  If your major is part of the criteria for retaining the scholarship, and you change your major, you will lose your scholarship. If the scholarship criteria is based on being a part of one of the Colleges, and your new major is still part of that College, you can retain the scholarship as long as you continue to meet any other criteria.
What happens if my grades aren’t good enough to keep the scholarship?
Please review your scholarship criteria thoroughly. Sometime the criteria to be awarded the scholarship and the requirements to retain the scholarship are different. SU Foundation scholarship recipient grades are reviewed at the end of each semester. In some cases, a probation letter will be sent to students who are in danger of losing their scholarship. If you are struggling with your grades, please reach out to the Student Success Center for assistance.