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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to submit the scholarship application to be eligible for a scholarship? 
Yes. Please note, you must be a current student or admitted to Shippensburg University to complete the scholarship application. If you have a renewable scholarship, but want to pursue additional funding from upper division (sophomore, junior and senior-levelscholarships, you will need to complete the application to be eligible for the additional scholarships. 

Do I need to complete the application for individual scholarships? 

No. You only need to submit the scholarship application once to be eligible for all scholarships for which you qualify during the specified academic year. Current students are encouraged to apply each year if pursuing additional funding from upper division scholarships. 

Do I need to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? 
It is highly recommended that you submit the FAFSA. Some scholarships that are need-based require that the FAFSA be submitted as part of the criteria, and submitting the FAFSA will increase your opportunity to qualify for as many scholarships as possible. You may access information about the FAFSA at 

How will I know if I qualify for a scholarship? 
Please explore the individual scholarships to identify those for which you may qualifyThe SU Foundation has over 550 scholarships; approximately 100 are available to award each academic year.  


What can I do to improve my chances of being selected to receive a scholarship? 

  • Apply early—The Scholarship Committee begins reviewing applications in late October. The earlier you apply, the sooner you will be considered for scholarships. 

  • Complete the scholarship application as thoroughly as possible—Extracurricular activities, volunteer service, and employment experiences are taken into consideration when selecting scholarship recipients. 

  • Maintain good grades— Many scholarships have cumulative grade point average requirements. 

  • Write an essay—While it is not required to complete the essay section of the application, it is strongly recommended that you take the opportunity to write a strong essay about yourself. 

  • Submit a Letter(s) of Recommendation—Ask your teachers, guidance counselors, employers, coaches, etc. to write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Be sure to ask for this well in advance of the scholarship application deadline. 


What if I submitted my applicationbut need to change an answer or attach a letter of recommendation? 
Please review your answers carefully and be sure you have completed all sections before submitting your application. Once you have submitted the application, it is considered closed. If is to crucial to change an answer, or if you need to upload a letter of recommendation, please email 

How will I know if I’ve been selected to receive a scholarship(s)? 
You will be notified by email if you have been selected as the recipient of a scholarship(s). If you have been admitted to Shippensburg University but have not accepted your offer of admission, the notification will be sent to your personal email address. If you have confirmed or are a current student at Ship, your award notification will be sent to your Ship email address. 


I met the minimum criteria, so why was I not awarded a scholarship? 
While many students meet the minimum criteria, the scholarship awarding process is highly competitive.  

I accepted my scholarship. Why is it not appearing on my student account? 

In addition to accepting your scholarship offer, you must sign the electronic scholarship agreement. Please visit and log in using your Shippensburg University credentials. Go to “my awards” to view your scholarship(s) and click on the link for the scholarship agreement to review retention requirements for the scholarship. Once you sign and submit the scholarship agreement, the scholarship will be applied to your student account. 

I am changing my major. Does that mean I could lose my scholarship? 
Please review your scholarship retention criteria thoroughly, as some scholarships require that you maintain the same major for which the scholarship is intended. If you voluntarily change your major, you may lose your scholarship. 

Do I need to maintain a certain grade point average to keep my scholarship(s)? 

Please review your scholarship criteria thoroughly. Many scholarships require you maintain a specific grade point average each year to retain the scholarship. The grades of SU Foundation scholarship recipientare reviewed at the end of each semester. A probation notice will be sent to students who do not meet the minimum retention requirements and are in danger of losing their scholarship. If you are struggling with your grades, please reach out to the Student Success Center for assistance. 


Do I need to take a certain number of credit hours to retain my scholarship? 

You must remain a full-time student with a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester to retain your scholarship. Certain scholarships require a minimum of 15 credit hours each semester, so please review your scholarship retention requirements thoroughly.