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James Sieber

Dr. James L. Sieber served as chair of Shippensburg University's Department of Mathematics and Computer Science for 21 years (1964-1985) and saw it grow from five to 25 faculty members and over 600 students. A 1958 Shippensburg State Teachers College graduate, Dr. Sieber continued his studies at Penn State University, earning his master's degree in 1961 and his doctorate in mathematics in 1963. 
     In 1963, he returned to the Shippensburg campus as a member of the faculty. His outstanding service to Shippensburg's students concluded with his retirement in January 2002. During Dr. Sieber's tenure, he chaired numerous faculty committees and designed and directed the first computer camp in the nation for secondary school students. He was also responsible for the development of the department's first Computer Science Advisory Council with representatives of various industries, and was a strong proponent of the internship program. Dr. Sieber continued to take pride in the department's graduates who have enjoyed and are enjoying a solid career in the computer science field. 
Scholarships associated with James Sieber
  • Computer Science Scholarship
  • Dr. James L. Sieber Computer Science Scholarship