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Doris Kriner Rohr and Jean Kriner Wasson

On September 1, 1948, Dr. Harry L. Kriner became President of Shippensburg State Teachers College. Dr. Kriner's background and his impact on Shippensburg University is best described in Hilltop Heritage, Shippensburg State's First Hundred Years by John E. Hubley. "Dr. Kriner came to Shippensburg from Altoona where he was superintendent of schools. His public-school service included elementary and high school teaching, elementary and high school principalship experience, and service at California State Teachers College as a teacher, acting principal, and dean of instruction. He was assistant director of teacher education and certification in the Department of Public Instruction from 1938 to 1943. His doctoral degree was earned from Pennsylvania State College." 
     "Dr. Kriner's administration was marked by his successful efforts in strengthening the faculty and by his untiring efforts to improve the physical facilities of the college. The report of the evaluating committee representing the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in 1951 commended the college on 'the sincere interest of the administrative staff in evaluation and improvement,' and on 'the leadership exercised by the administration in setting the tone of the college.' The committee was favorably impressed, too, with the human and humane attitude of the administration toward students and prospective students."
   Dr. Kriner retired as president on July 3, 1956.
Scholarships associated with Doris Kriner Rohr and Jean Kriner Wasson
  • Dr. Harry L. Kriner Memorial Scholarship