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Estate of Nathan K. Mao

Dr. Nathan Mao was born in China. He received his undergraduate degree from New Asia College in Hong Kong, his Masters Degree from Yale University, and his PH.D in American Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1966. Prior to moving to Chambersburg in 1970, Dr. Mao taught English at New Asia College and York College. From 1970 until 2015, he taught English as a tenured member of the faculty at Shippensburg University, where he shared his love of early American authors with his students. At the time of his passing in 2015, he was the second most senior faculty member at Shippensburg University. 
     In addition to teaching, Dr. Mao authored numerous translations of well-known works of Chinese literature, including Fortress Besieged, Cold Nights and Twelve Towers.  Dr. Mao established this scholarship to provide financial assistance to students from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan who come to the United States, and specifically Shippensburg University, to continue their education. 
Scholarships associated with Estate of Nathan K. Mao
  • Dr. Nathan K. Mao Scholarship