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Estate of Mary Hoffeditz Brindle

Mr. George R. Brindle and Mrs. Margaret Hoffeditz Brindle graduated from Shippensburg State Teachers College and taught a number of years in Pennsylvania schools. They valued education and public service. Mr. Brindle taught in Peters and Guilford Townships in Pennsylvania and served as assistant superintendent of the Scotland School for Veterans' Children. He served his country in the South Pacific during World War II as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. Mrs. Brindle taught at the former Lemasters High School near her hometown of Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, for ten years and completed her master's degree at Duke University. Following the war, Mr. and Mrs. Brindle operated the Brindle Family Farm in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. They raised three daughters, and continued to live at the farm until their deaths. This scholarship was established through the estate of Mary Hoffeditz Brindle to assist Shippensburg University students to become productive citizens who will continue the high standard in education and public service set by Mr. and Mrs. Brindle.
Scholarships associated with Estate of Mary Hoffeditz Brindle
  • George R. and Margaret H. Brindle Scholarship