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Fred A. Markley

In 2008, Mr. Fred A. Markley '57 established this scholarship fund in memory of his brother and fellow Shippensburg University graduate, Mr. J. Thomas Markley, who was named a Distinguished Alumnus Award recipient in 1970. Tom Markley graduated from Shippensburg University in 1956 with a double major in Mathematics and Physics. He was a two-year Marine veteran before arriving at Shippensburg.  Following his graduation, accepted a position with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, serving in an engineering capacity during the Mercury, Gemini, and early Apollo missions. The 1967 fire tragedy of Apollo 1 put a damper on many careers at NASA and, subsequently, Tom joined Raytheon Corporation and later established his own firm, JTM Inc. Tom, who was very close with his brother Fred, passed away in 2007, and Fred wanted to recognize the aerospace career achievements of his brother. 
    Fred Markley first entered the workplace as an assistant to the chief clerk in the Altoona, Pennsylvania, yardmaster’s office for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Enlisted for military service, Fred served in the Marine Corps from 1946- 1947. He again served his county as a Marine from 1954 to 1956. 
     Encouraged by his brother Tom to enroll at Shippensburg University, Fred graduated with a degree in Biology in 1957. He would further his education with a master’s degree in biology from Pennsylvania State University. For twenty-six years, Mr. Markley devoted himself to teaching Science, first in the Shippensburg Area School District and later at the West Shore School District.
Scholarships associated with Fred A. Markley
  • J. Thomas Markley '56 Scholarship