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Mildred Prince Squires

Jack A. Squires graduated in 1949 with a degree in Business Education from Shippensburg State Teachers College. While a student, Jack met Mildred Prince during their first year at Shippensburg.  Shortly after Jack's graduation, they married. Jack owned and operated Squires Electronics and Appliances, Incorporated with locations in both Shippensburg and Chambersburg, and was a partner in Squires Appliance Parts Company, a wholesaler of appliance parts. 
     Jack was known for his strong dedication to many organizations in the Shippensburg area and his determination to make Shippensburg prosper. He was affiliated, often in leadership roles, with the Shippensburg Industrial Development Authority, Shippensburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Dauphin Deposit Bank's Shippensburg Advisory Board, Shippensburg Area School Board, and the Shippensburg Board of Health. 
     Both Jack and Mildred remained close to the University. In addition to their annual financial support, Jack also supported his Alma Mater through volunteer service. 
Scholarships associated with Mildred Prince Squires
  • Jack A. and Mildred Prince Squires Scholarship