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John A. Pringle

John A. Pringle served a large part of his career in residential administration for higher education institutions and as a health association representative. He knew the value of quality public education for young adults. He was a veteran of the Korean War and 1957 graduate of Shippensburg State Teachers College. At Shippensburg, John gained the needed preparation for his career in education and health-and-research-focused philanthropic endeavors.  With the help of college professors and administrators at Shippensburg, John earned a fellowship from the University of Minnesota, where he achieved a Master of Arts degree in Educational Administration.
      He dedicated his life to ensuring that students at the University of Minnesota, the University of Rhode Island, and Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, had residential accommodations conducive to a healthy lifestyle and good study habits. Returning to the Harrisburg/Camp Hill area to live, he followed his deep interest in exercise, healthy living habits, and medical research by serving for six years on the professional staff of the American Heart Association's Pennsylvania headquarters. Additionally, at Cumberland Valley High School, he administered a school/work program. and was a full-time substitute, pursuing his love of classroom teaching. 
Scholarships associated with John A. Pringle
  • John A. Pringle Criminal Justice Scholarship