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Mr. William Schroyer

This scholarship endowment fund was established in 2017 by Mr. William H. Schroyer ’50 in memory of his clear wife Marian Wilson Schroyer ’51.
     An only child from Newport in Perry County, PA, Marian enjoyed attending college. Among her interests while a student, was playing the piano for the mixed chorus. That’s where she met her husband, William Schroyer, who was one of the singers. 
     Both Marian and William held jobs to help pay their college expenses. When time permitted, they courted while studying together inside the Ezra Lehman Memorial Library under the watchful eye of the librarian, Miss Alma Winton. 
     Both Marian and William spent their career years in the teaching profession. Following graduation, Marian taught fourth grade at New Franklin Elementary School for 32 years. In 1950, William began his teaching career at the Antrim Township School District. In 1960-61, he became a counselor at Central Junior High School in Chambersburg, and in sum total, he had a 33-year career in education. While they had no children of their own, each made a significant, positive difference in the lives of many children in the schools.
Scholarships associated with Mr. William Schroyer
  • Marian Wilson Schroyer Scholarship for Elementary Education
  • Marian Wilson Schroyer Scholarship