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Nancy A. King

Nancy King graduated from Shippensburg State College in 1955 with a degree in Education. After the first two years, she took a year off to work before returning to school to finish her degree.  Nancy always dreamed of being a teacher, and for a little over two years was able to use the education and skills she had acquired at Shippensburg in a teaching position. But after that, she wasn’t able to find a permanent position. Instead, she found meaningful employment in business offices for the remainder of her career. For the last 15 years of her professional life, she worked for an insurance company, retiring at the age of 62. 
     Nancy came from a family that struggled financially but always set an example of hard work.  Her father had his own business as an upholsterer, but there was not always a steady income.  When it came time to go to college, she chose Shippensburg. She worked to help pay for her school, and after graduation paid her parents back the money they had given her for college. 
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