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Joyce Padovani

Robert Sammartino was a dedicated member of the Shippensburg University Marching Band during his tenure as a student, from 1989-1993. His experiences on the field and in the classroom prepared him well for a successful career and fostered an enduring passion for music. As part of the marching percussion and as drum line captain, Rob practiced discipline and loyalty to his section and the band, leading others by example and sheer personal determination. 
     Throughout his life, Rob had an entrepreneurial spirit and limitless personal resolve. Prior to attending Shippensburg, Rob started his own lawn care service. During two summers prior to his senior year, Rob worked for a then-small, little-known company, called Intel Corporation. During his senior year as a computer science major, Rob continued to work for Intel remotely. Upon graduation, Rob was hired full-time by Intel, which meant a move to Arizona and eventually to Portland, Oregon, where he received his MBA from Portland State University. After eight years, Rob left Intel to travel the world. He traveled to Buenos Aries, Argentina, all of Europe, and Thailand. He eventually returned to Portland, and to Intel, where he met and soon thereafter married his wife, Shawn. In February 2009, at age 38, Robert lost his two-year battle with lymphoblastic lymphoma, a very rare form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in adults. 
Scholarships associated with Joyce Padovani
  • Robert Sammartino Memorial Scholarship for Marching Percussion