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David T. Jones

The Dr. Dilys Martha Jones Memorial Scholarship was established in 1995, by her brother, Mr. David T. Jones. Dr. Jones came to Shippensburg University in 1955 as an associate professor of education. Within the year, she was named a full professor and Chair of the Elementary Education Department. In 1965, she became Director of Curriculum and Research. Successive positions that she held included Dean of Academic Administration (1969-1977), and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (1977-1981). While Associate Vice President, she was twice entrusted to simultaneously perform additional duties as the Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs, during both the 1979-1980 academic year and from January 1981 until her retirement.
     Originally from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Dr. Jones earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in history and English from Bucknell University and her Master's in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Her Doctorate in education, specializing in the psychology of reading, was granted by Temple University. Dr. Jones' lifelong devotion to the educational process was recognized through the numerous awards presented to her during her years at Shippensburg. 
Scholarships associated with David T. Jones
  • Dr. Dilys Martha Jones Memorial Scholarship