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Jane H. Ehemann

Dr. Jane Ehemann graduated from the College of Wooster with a double major in history and geography. She spent her sophomore year studying abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where she discovered the possbilities of majoring in geography. After teaching middle school geography and English in Ohio for six years, she returned to school to complete a master's degree in geography at the University of Pittsburgh and her doctorate at the University of Georgia. After six years with the Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, Dr. Ehemann accepted a position at Shippensburg University in 1978. At Shippensburg, she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in geography until her retirement in 2003. Dr. Ehemann's travels spanned the globe. She completed research for her master's thesis in northern Ireland, spent two sabbaticals in England, and traveled three times by freighter to South America. Other trips took her to Australia, Russia, and nearly seventy other countries.
Scholarships associated with Jane H. Ehemann
  • Dr. Jane H. Ehemann Scholarship