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Ralph T. and Deborah E. Hocking

Ralph T. Hocking received his undergraduate degree in General Engineering from the University of Illinois in 1962 and an MBA in 1964. He started his career as a market analyst with Esso International (now Exxon­Mobil) in New York City. From there, he went to Uniroyal Chemicals in Naugatuck, 
Connecticut as a senior operations research analyst, and, finally, a senior systems analyst for Xerox, in Rochester, New York. In 1969 he began work on his DBA at Kent State University and completed it in 1972. 
     In the fall of 1972, he began a 30-year career at Shippensburg University as an associate professor of management science. He retired from Shippensburg in 2002 as a professor of finance. 
     During his career at Shippensburg University, Dr. Hocking was the first to chair the Accounting and Finance department and has since served as chair of the FAMSIS department. He has published numerous academic articles and received awards for service to the institution, service to the community, and outstanding teaching. He helped establish the Investment Management 
Program in which a select group of students manages a real-money portfolio.
Scholarships associated with Ralph T. and Deborah E. Hocking
  • Drs. Ralph T. and Deborah E. Hocking Scholarship