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Dr. Ann E. Fordham

Dr. Ann Fordham was a professor of teacher education at Shippensburg University from 1986 to 1999. Ann's work focused on early childhood and elementary school literacy. Previously, she had taught preschool, first, and second grades in Texas, Florida, and Virginia. She enjoyed sharing her love of books with students, and opened each class by reading a poem or a short children's book. She valued caring classroom communities where each person was known by name, and speaking and listening with respect were fostered. She sought to model positive, effective classroom management and teaching strategies. Working with wonderful students and colleagues at Shippensburg University was a great blessing in her life. With gratitude for these opportunities, she established this scholarship to support young people aspiring to become teachers by providing a book award to purchase required course textbooks and academic supplies for an academic year.
Scholarships associated with Dr. Ann E. Fordham
  • Anderson/Fordham Scholarship
  • Goodwill Endowment Fund