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Robert B. Keiter

Robert B. Keiter established this scholarship in memory of his mother, M. Roberta (Bobbe) Keiter,  who graduated from Shippensburg State Teachers College.  and his father, Blair E. Keiter, in recognition of his unstinting support of his wife's professional career and ambitions, and for his belief in the power of education. Following graduation,  Bobbe returned to her hometown of Williamstown, Pennsylvania, to teach in the same school that she had attended and where her mother had taught. She soon met Blair E. Keiter, who was running the local family drugstore. They married and both enlisted in the military during WWII. Bobbe trained at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy with the first group of women ever to do so. She later taught mathematics in Maryland and earned her Ph.D.  As a passionate and dedicated educator, this scholarship is a legacy to her belief in the value of independent thinking, that principles matter, that equality isn't just a word, and that hard work will bring rewards.
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