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Eugene R. Fiorini, Jr.

This scholarship was established in 1997 by Dr. Eugene R. Fiorini, Jr., a member of the Shippensburg University Mathematics Department faculty since 1994. Dr. Fiorini was motivated to provide this scholarship as a way to support Shippensburg University students who excel in a collegiate academic setting. It is Dr. Fiorini's hope that the availability of this scholarship will serve as an incentive for first-year students and sophomores to apply themselves in their studies.  
     Originally established as the Mathematics/Computer Science Upperclassmen Academic Achievement Award, this fund was renamed in memory of Dr. Michael D. Seyfried. Dr. Seyfried was a faculty member of Shippensburg University's Mathematics/Computer Science Department from 1986 until his untimely passing in 2001. Dr. Seyfried  was a member of the Mathematical Association of America, American Mathematical Society and American Statistical Association.
Scholarships associated with Eugene R. Fiorini, Jr.
  • Michael D. Seyfried Memorial Academic Achievement Scholarship