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James M. St. Clair and Paris A. Peet

This scholarship was established to remember Dr. Michael Kretschman, a professor of French in the Modern Languages Department, and the contributions he made to the theatre at Shippensburg University and in the Cumberland Valley. 
    Michael, a native of Madison, Wisconsin, joined the Shippensburg State College faculty in 1969. His contributions to the theatre and to the University were extensive. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he served as a director and advisor to on-campus theatre organizations, as well as the organization for International Students. 
     Michael's knowledge of the theatre, especially musical theatre, was extensive. He was an avid theater-goer.  Michael's thirst for music was also a passion. His collection of musical recordings, which was gifted to the Department of Speech and Theatre, will prove an important research tool for anyone who wishes to document American musical theatre during the twentieth century. 
     The list of people, organizations, and causes that Michael befriended goes on and on. It is hoped that the recipients of this scholarship personify Michael's love and dedication to the theatre as well as his appreciation of classical and modern performance art. 
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