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Gary and Brenda Cummings

The Edgar W. and Emma J. Daihl Memorial Scholarship was established by Gary and Brenda Cummings in memory of Edgar and Emma, Gary's Uncle and Aunt. 
     Although Edgar and Emma did not avail themselves of an education beyond the elementary level, they readily acknowledged the advantage higher education provides in life's experiences and the workplace. 
     Edgar served in the Navy in the South Pacific during WW II while Emma worked at Letterkenny Army Depot in support of the war effort. After the war, Edgar worked on construction as a carpenter and later partnered with his brother Paul in the logging/sawmill business. 
     This scholarship fund is established as a legacy to honor and give credit to Edgar and Emma's lives which were blessed with such virtues as love, compassion, dedication, steadfastness, devotion, honor, and fairness, to name a few. Gary and Brenda hope the recipients of this scholarship will practice simple and practical virtues such as these to reap rewards as they did.
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