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Wilbur J. Hildebrand Sr.

Dr. Wilbur J. Hildebrand Sr. graduated from Shippensburg State Teachers College with the expectation of teaching secondary mathematics after completing his master’s degree at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Prior to graduation, Professor Hildebrand was offered a position as a mathematician with the Army, which he accepted after receiving his master’s degree. Later while working as a mathematician for the Navy, he was offered a position as an Instructor of Mathematics at Penn State University. After teaching several math courses, Penn State University offered him a full-time instructorship, which he accepted so that he could work on his doctorate. This led to 49 years of full-time college teaching, which he had never anticipated but thoroughly enjoyed and is forever grateful.
      Professor Hildebrand hopes that this scholarship will help deserving students with financial need achieve a long and rewarding teaching career at any level in the field of education.
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