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Elizabeth Crosby Stull

This scholarship was established in memory of Lorren LaMar Stull by Dr. Elizabeth Stull. 
     After graduating from Shippensburg in 1953 with a degree in Education, Lorren taught in the Waynesboro and Mt. Alto schools at various grade levels, eventually becoming a school principal. He continued his education at Western Maryland University where he earned a master's degree in education, and later graduated from Penn State with an doctorate in education with a math/science focus and a minor in psychology. Upon graduation, he joined the Education faculty at Ohio State University, where he taught and advised graduate students for 35 years until his retirement. 
     To all who knew him, he personified the gentlemanly quality of fairness and was blessed with a kind and gentle nature. With his first wife, Lorren had three daughters. Later, he met and married Elizabeth Crosby in 1975, and they had a happy marriage for 33 years. It is with joy that she joins together with him in this scholarship for his alma mater, and hopes that it blesses all whom it touches.
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