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Kathy Hughes Seaber

Kathy Hughes Seaber graduated from Shippensburg State College in 1973. She came to Shippensburg from Lancaster with the dream of becoming an educator and credits the faculty and her experiences at the lab school for providing the foundation she needed to become a good teacher. "A good education can open so many doors," Kathy remarks. "It allows someone to pursue a dream. I shared my education with others by teaching for 38 years. Seeing children grow through the school year made the hard work and long hours worth the effort." 
     Philanthropy has always been important to Kathy's family. Her grandfather started the Hughes Family Foundation, Inc. to help organizations in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, which was Kathy's introduction to giving back to others and her community. Over the years, her parents supported many nonprofit organizations through their charitable giving, which demonstrated to Kathy and her brothers how rewarding it can be to help others. She states, "My parents' generosity and good financial planning over the years have enabled me to continue this legacy today." 
Scholarships associated with Kathy Hughes Seaber
  • Kathryn Hughes Seaber Educational Impact Scholarship