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Robert Bartos and Peggy Hockersmith-Wheeler

This scholarship was originally established by Dean Robert Bartos and Associate Dean Peggy Hockersmith. The scholarship was created to assist students who demonstrate academic promise and passion in human services. This scholarship will reward students who have given to others and who may require financial support to finish their degree. 
     Dr. Bartos joined Shippensburg University in 1988 as the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services. Prior to his career at Shippensburg, he was a Dean at Longwood College in Virginia. 
     In 1986, Dr. Hockersmith became a member of the Shippensburg University faculty in the teacher education department. In 1993, she became the Associate Dean of the College of Education and Human Services and Director of Field Services. 
     Dr. Bartos and Dr. Hockersmith were life-long educators, and this scholarship is a testament to their belief in the value of higher education.
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  • Dr. Bartos and Dr. Hockersmith College of Education & Human Services Dean's Scholarship