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Harry Wheeler

This scholarship was established by the Wheeler family to celebrate the extraordinary 30-year career of Dr. Brenda Mae Wheeler. Brenda was a special person who inspired and encouraged students to succeed in spite of many obstacles. She touched the lives of children of all ages and made her students and colleagues better people because she was in their lives. 
    As a classroom teacher who worked with first and second-grade children, Brenda made learning fun! Dr. Gilmore Seavers, President Emeritus of Shippensburg University, had recruited her for the Rowland Lab School on Shippensburg University's campus. He wanted a teacher who was dynamic, creative, enthusiastic, and inspiring to serve as a positive role model for future teachers. She used music in her classroom to teach many subjects, especially math. Rhythm, puppet plays, songs, and dances were part of the curriculum taught in her classroom. Through creative learning experiences, Brenda influenced the lives of thousands of children and families. She believed in the children and inspired them to develop their full potential. Students she had in the early grades often returned to her classroom in later years and remained in contact with her throughout their lives. 
    When she transitioned from teaching in Rowland Lab School at Shippensburg University to teaching college students, Brenda continued to teach using creative and innovative strategies. 
     Brenda was a special teacher, mentor, and colleague with wisdom, personality, an infectious laugh, humor, and a love of life. The students she taught will continue to contribute in positive ways to society throughout their lives because she was in their lives during their formative years. 
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