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Ronald and Debra Taylor

In 1994, Dr. Ronald K. and Debra A. Taylor moved from Cincinnati, Ohio to Shippensburg, PA when Ron accepted a position at Shippensburg University in the Department of Management and Marketing as an Assistant Professor of Marketing. The Taylors' original plan was to stay for a few years and then move to another university located south of the Mason-Dixon Line. 
     Debra grew up in Texas and both were interested in locating to a warmer climate. In addition, Dr. Taylor thought a larger university might offer more programs and opportunities, which might be more beneficial in the long run. However, the original plan became less enticing as they both became active in the local and academic communities. Debra volunteered at the Rowland Elementary lab. Later she worked for the Shippensburg Area Chamber of Commerce where she became extremely involved in the community. Debra was then hired as the House Manager for the H. Ric Luhrs Performing Arts Center where she worked until her retirement. 
     Ron became more engaged with university activities as he enjoyed his students and colleagues, not only in the John L. Grove College of Business, but across campus as well. It seemed clear to the Taylors that Shippensburg was a great place to live, work, and play!  One thing that impressed Ron during his tenure was that when he deployed with the U.S. Army for both long and short periods of time everyone, from the University President on down, was extremely supportive of his service to his country as well as his academic career. 
    There were many factors that went into their decision to establish a scholarship -  both Ron and Debra Taylor have received much from the university and community. But more importantly, they wish to give back by leaving a lasting legacy to Shippensburg University.
Scholarships associated with Ronald and Debra Taylor
  • Dr. Ronald K and Debra A. Taylor Marketing Scholarship