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Fred and Ann Potthoff

Shippensburg provided Fred Potthoff and Ann Reddig Potthoff with more than just a degree - it gave them the foundation to build a successful and meaningful life. Without Shippensburg, they would never have met or acquired the education that opened doors for them. It is their intention now to provide that same foundation to other aspiring students. 
     Commitment has been the cornerstone for success in their marriage, family, and life. After graduating from Shippensburg in 1970, Fred entered active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. When Ann graduated in 1972, they married and moved to Pittsburgh, PA, to build their life together. After 16 years of marriage and two beautiful children, they decided to start their own business. 
     In 1988 they founded Kroff Chemical Company, Inc. with one of their co¬≠workers, and committed to making it thrive. While the growth of Kroff was important to them, the plan was always to make the company successful without sacrificing family or quality of life. By these measures and many others, the venture exceeded their expectations. 
     Now Fred and Ann are in a position to give back by endowing a scholarship at Shippensburg, a place that has meant so much to them. 
    To all the students who will receive this scholarship, Fred and Ann share the following, "We hope this scholarship will provide someone else the opportunity to chase their dreams and life goals through a college education. We hope our commitment to family values, work ethic, and the courage to take a chance will inspire you, the recipient of the scholarship, to chase your own life goals grounded in those same principles."
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