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Robert Lieblein

Rob Lieblein graduated from Shippensburg University in December 1983 with a degree in accounting and mathematics/computer science. After graduating from Shippensburg, Rob began his professional career at KPMG enjoying a career there for 13 years.  Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Rob left KPMG and started a business with fellow Shippensburg graduate, John Zentgraf. 
     Over the years, Rob and John acquired several companies, and at the same time started a consulting and investment banking firm that ultimately became focused in the insurance industry. Over time, Rob focused all his efforts on consulting and investment banking in the insurance industry, which led Rob to be recognized throughout the country as one of the leading investment bankers in the insurance distribution industry. To follow his dream of being entrepreneurial, Rob presented an opportunity to 24 of his clients from across the country to merge simultaneously and create one of the largest insurance agencies in the country. On January 1, 2017, the Alera Group was formed and 5 years later is one of the top 15 insurance and financial services in the country with over $1 billion in revenue and 3,000 plus employees in over 150 offices across the country. 
     While Shippensburg created a tremendous academic opportunity for Rob, the experience was beyond academics, and really helped to shape Rob's personal and professional life going forward. Rob joined Acacia Fraternity his freshman year and those experiences and relationships still exist today. 
     Giving back to Shippensburg has always been a goal for Rob so other students can experience being part of the Shippensburg University family. Rob established the Robert J. Lieblein College of Business Scholarship to help deserving students live the Shippensburg University experience.
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  • Robert J. Lieblein College of Business Scholarship