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David B. Weisgerber

This scholarship was established by David B. Weisgerber in 2018 to benefit track and field and cross-country athletes.
     David arrived at Shippensburg University in the fall of 1977 as a highly recruited high school distance runner. He chose Shippensburg for its track and cross-country programs, having known and competed against some exceptional high school runners, including John Doub and Brett Wagner, who were already attending Shippensburg University. David made the decision to come to Shippensburg to run with those athletes and to be their teammate. 
     After two successful years of running, injuries intervened and waylaid what had been a promising athletic career. David was proud, however, to have contributed to the team under Coach Paul Kaiser, and to have trained and raced with good friends and teammates, some of whom became All-Americans and school record holders, including Gary Bicking, John Doub, Greg Sanders, and Steve Spence. David took great satisfaction sharing in his teammates' achievements and is proud that he helped contribute to their successes. 
     Although it was athletics that originally drew David to Shippensburg University, he was particularly grateful for the quality and rigor of his academic experience. He earned his degree in history and went to graduate from the Dickinson School of Law and worked as a criminal defense attorney in Maryland for the next 35 years. 
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