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Dr. Edward S. Goodhart

This scholarship was established in 2003 in recognition of Dr. Edward S. Goodhart’s 30 years of service to Shippensburg University, including his chairing of the Accounting Department from 1990 to 1999.
     Dr. Goodhart grew up in Shippensburg and was well-rooted in the local community from his early years, observing his father operating a business in downtown Shippensburg.  He later used this experience to operate his own business in downtown Shippensburg.
    He earned his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Shippensburg University and his Ph.D. in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University. As a professor of Accounting at Shippensburg University, Dr. Goodhart continued to uphold the traditions of quality and rigor in the discipline.
     As a multi-dimensional individual, Dr. Goodhart has a strong commitment to his community as demonstrated by his service as Shippensburg’s Fire Chief for over 20 years and as a long-time Treasurer of the Borough of Shippensburg, its Industrial Development Authority, and its Borough Authority.
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