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Patricia Nordine Burkhart

Living in Shippensburg most of her life, Patricia graduated from Shippensburg Area Senior High School in 1968. She went on to graduate from Lancaster General Hospital School of Medical Technology and Shippensburg State College (SSC) in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts in medical technology. She also graduated from the Penn-Jersey Red Cross School for Specialists in Blood Banking in 1980. Pat worked at Lancaster General Hospital for forty years, first in the laboratory blood bank as a medical technology instructor and bench technologist. She later transitioned to the laboratory information services team, and enjoyed working as a clinical laboratory applications analyst until her retirement in 2015. 

Pat enjoyed her years at SSC. She had great rapport with her biology and chemistry professors, made possible by the small class sizes and great interaction between students and professors. The strong education she received in the sciences served her well in her medical technology training, and she is grateful to all of the professors who have dedicated their lives to teaching science.

This scholarship is made possible by the grace of God in Pat’s life and the many blessings He has given her. Pat strongly believes in the future of Shippensburg University and its science students. She established this scholarship to assist students with hope they will find a rewarding career in the medical field, and someday be able to “pay it forward” to help other scholars pursue their dreams.
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